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Bitcoin Theory

Bitcoin Theory covers the design of Bitcoin as described in the white paper, and looks at how the economic incentives drive the development of the network and build the hyper dense connectivity at its centre. The introductory course is a detailed overview of the Bitcoin white paper with second level courses diving deeper into the theory and layers of the design.

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Bitcoin Development

Bitcoin Development is focused on providing up to date information for application builders who want to use Bitcoin as a basis for their projects. The course is built around the available tools and techniques being used to build applications and other projects for Bitcoin with minimal theoretical basis.

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Bitcoin Infrastructure

Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure is focused on providing students with a solid understanding of the role that nodes and node operators play in the construction of the network. In particular, it focuses on the incentives that drive enterprise operators to invest in scaling and infrastructure. Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a Certificate 1.

Bitcoin Essentials

Bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures

A basic explanation of digital signature schemes - ECDSA, which are fundamental building blocks in the Bitcoin protocol.

3 Hours

Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design

This course serves as an introduction to the Bitcoin protocol, its method of operation and is intended for beginners to Bitcoin.

3 Hours

Merkle Trees and Their Application in Bitcoin

This course will cover how in Bitcoin, Merkle trees serve to encode blockchain data more efficiently and securely.

3 Hours
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Bitcoin SV Academy Instructors

Raylene Wilson

Technical Program Manager - Bitcoin Association

Brendan Lee

Training and Development Manager - Bitcoin Association

Evan Freeman

Curriculum Specialist - Bitcoin Association

Kapil Jain

Curriculum Contributor - Bitcoin Association

Connor Murray

Content Creator - Bitcoin Association

Jake Jones

Curriculum Contributor - Bitcoin Association

Todd Price

Curriculum Content Specialist - Bitcoin Association

Manisha Arora

Technical Curriculum Specialist - Bitcoin Association

Content Contributors

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Steve Shadders

Chief Technology Officer - nChain

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Wei Zhang

Senior Researcher - nChain

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Owen Vaughan

Director of Research - nChain

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Vo-Quoc-Bao Bui

Lecturer, Researcher & Software Engineer - Department of Information Technology, Can Tho University