Bitcoin Development

Bitcoin Development is focussed on providing up to date information for application builders who want to use Bitcoin as a basis for their projects. The course is built around the available tools and techniques being used to build applications and other projects for Bitcoin with minimal theoretical basis.

Introduction to Bitcoin Development

Introduction to Bitcoin Development is focussed on providing students with a solid understanding of the concepts and tools needed to start building applications using bitcoin. In particular it will focus on series of short introductions to commonly used development tools in the space with practical implementation assessments after each section. The aim of this course is to introduce audiences to various application layer protocols which enable reading and writing to the blockchain along with various tools and concepts which can help building real world applications using bitcoin blockchain as data store, repository, payment infrastructure or a token creation/storage and maintenance system.

Target audience for this course are

  • Application developers
  • Blockchain developers from other chains
  • Those looking to start developing on Bitcoin with little or no programming experience with Bitcoin.


  • The outcome of this course is for students to understand how to use the different developer tools, APIs, and SDKs in order to build an application on top of Bitcoin SV.
  • The course intends to remove any trepidation about perceived nuances or difficulties around ‘blockchain’ development while demonstrating its permission-less, low barrier to entry.
  • We want students to understand that it is possible to build on Bitcoin using well established programming languages and frameworks.

This course will be available Q1 2021