Understand Bitcoin in a way that aids legal professionals in effectively navigating the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem. Learn how BitcoinSV fits into most existing legal frameworks and what that means when it comes to greater implementation and adoption within society.

Bitcoin Theory

13 Chapters
9 Hours

Bitcoin Theory covers the design of Bitcoin as a system as prescribed by Satoshi Nakamoto. This course is open to anyone who is interested in Bitcoin and is the beginner course in this series. Some technical experience would be helpful to complete the course, however it is open to anyone regardless of experience. Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design

5 Chapters
3 Hours

This course serves as an introduction to the Bitcoin protocol, its method of operation and is intended for beginners to Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures

4 Chapters
3 Hours

A basic explanation of digital signature schemes - ECDSA, which are fundamental building blocks in the Bitcoin protocol.

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Introduction to Bitcoin Enterprise course banner

Bitcoin Enterprise

3 Chapters
1.5 Hours

In this course targeted at entrepreneurs, students will learn how the BSV enterprise blockchain can be used as a substrate to build next generation platforms. Learn how Bitcoin and the BitcoinSV network can radically change how digital services are provided.

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